martedì 23 giugno 2015

Tim Schafer about Modern gaming difficulty

"I just remember an important person at Microsoft telling me, 'There are winners and losers out there. You should make the game for the losers because there's a lot more of them,'" he added.
"I feel like there's a current reaction to that , whether people are playing Super Meat Boy , Spelunky or Bloodborne, There's a certain nostalgia for not knowing what's going on all of the time. Not being told what to do. Having to figure it out.
"Even though those games are really hard. I think that's a reaction to that period from 2000-2005 where things got a lot more tutorialized."

Microsoft is the reason why we have dumhed down games , handholdy and no challenge made for the idiots , and i see these idiots kepp supporting Microsoft by buying a Xbox console , sadly the damage has been made and now even Nintendo and Sony are doing the same thing , Thank You Microsoft for Dumbing Down gaming for the lowest I.Q

Modern Gaming fucking sucks

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