sabato 16 maggio 2015

my Prediction for E3 2015

E3 is behind the doors exactly less than 1 month :) and after watching some people on Youtube making E3 2015 prediction , i thought i can make my own

so let's begin with my List

  1. we are gonna see dumbed down games as always 
  2. we are gonna have handholding games , since GAMERS don't know how to play and what to do ,and with handholding(regenhealth , waypoints/questmarks , qte , button promting on screen , obective markers on screen , partners holding your hands etc.) they can call themself Hardcore , because that's what maka a Gamer Hardcore ,Handholding is a Hardcore thing
  3. Microtransaction in a full priced games and DLCs , it seems GAMERS loves supporting these companies
  4.  Graphic over gameplay
  5. Cinematic Experience , today gamers want Movies more than games , they don't want a GAMING experience ,they want Movie experience 
  6. no challenge in games , who wants challenge ? , challenge is for the casuals gamers , because real gamers want easy games , real gamers want handholding , real gamers want dumbed down gameplay , real gamers don't know how to play , real gamers plays for the resolution , real gamers don't want to dedicate their time in games , real gamers loves being fucked by Publishers
  7. Games made for non gamers

-fuck all the insiders , my list is 100% correct  , wait for E3 2015 and you'll see that i'm correct- 

p.s sorry if my English sucks , but English is not my Main LANGUAGE

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