giovedì 19 febbraio 2015

Cinematic vs Games

with this simple image , we will explain to you what means Cinematic and what means Game

so , what you want to play ? Cinematic story driving or a Game? where you can write the story instead of Following it

so you want to follow a script like an Actor ? instead of Writing a story by playing a game ? , Half Life teach modern gaming what a game really is , in fact Half Life was considered a Innovation, what did modern gaming do ? nothing they give you a script and you need to follow it , this job should be done by BOTS(following the script) and not Human Being , so is that what you are ? a Bot ? , because Bot follow a given path and both act based on what the game makers wrote (they give a script to a Bot and the bot follow the script) the same thing modern gaming is doing ,but this time they are giving the script to Human Being they guide you like a Bot , i thought People were smarter than Bots , but with modern gaming and players i know i was wrong.
I'm studing game design and i know for Facts that Modern Games are not games , Storydriving(Cinematic) treats you like a bot , and i can assure you that today Devs don't know nothing about gamedesign and nothing about Games .
Games are meant to be Played (you write the story and understand what is going on by Playing it) 

p.s we hope you get the point :)

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